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Contact and dialog with customers, applicants and partners is enormously important to us and the basis of our work. We hear countless touching, exciting, interesting and topical stories. We want to share these with you. Have fun reading, looking and marveling!

About goals, motives, good intentions and their implementation!

What daily tooth brushing has to do with New Year's resolutions we explain in this article. But read it for yourself:

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About false wisdom and rumours about employment contracts!

The evil employer. The unwilling employee. It is always in the eye of the beholder. A good contractual basis can prevent discussions. Read more.

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The recipe for simple human resource management: service!

The founders of Performas searched for the right ingredients for a long time. Then they found the perfect solution. Read more here:

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Corona is the beer of us all!

What has happened here has kept us very busy over the last few weeks and will continue to affect us for some time. Everyone was affected, sometimes very hard. We asked people to describe their positive experiences, which did indeed exist. To encourage them for the future, we have summarised them here!

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