What daily tooth brushing has to do with New Year's resolutions we explain in this article. But read it for yourself:

We always hear a large number of formulated goals at the turn of the year, disguised as the best resolutions. Not many of them are actually implemented. On the one hand, this is because people want to do everything in one fell swoop. That is an impossibility. Simply too much at once. Then there is a great danger that nothing will happen. But often it is also due to the wrong formulation: "More sport" is nothing concrete. Clear formulations are needed to define how a resolution is meant. Questions about the necessary resources, such as time, training, financial resources and the starting date also need to be clarified. The most important thing, however, is sustainability. Learning routines is the key to success. Just as many things in everyday life are simply "learned", like driving a car, brushing your teeth, booting up your computer, mowing the lawn and many others, resolutions in daily life must become routines. It is only important to learn the right routines, because our brain makes no distinction between good and bad. The habit of "I lie on the couch and watch the latest series" is just as indifferent to the brain as brushing your teeth every day. Therefore, a good measure, but this consistently and the implementation of good intentions will work perfectly. They first become a habit and sooner or later simply a part of life, or, to exaggerate, an addiction, in the most positive sense of the word.



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