The founders of Performas searched for the right ingredients for a long time. Then they found the perfect solution. Read more here:

Managing director Hans Ecker and his team have given a lot of thought to the positioning of their company. The image of personnel service providers is (still) not the best. Quite wrongly, as Ecker points out: "We are highly interested in win-win situations. On the one hand, we are responsible to our clients, on the other hand, we are very concerned about the careers and development of the candidates!" In order to reconcile these concerns, Performas stands for individual consulting. Namely that of the companies and also of the candidates. Intensive analyses of the compatibility of candidates and companies are carried out and only then is the decision made as to which company which employee will be proposed to. It doesn't matter whether it's on the basis of temporary employment or placement. Both models have their advantages. Again, for both sides. For companies, outsourcing these tasks is time-saving and cost-effective. Because they only have to pay when the "product" fits. Quasi a lifetime right of return and no obligations. Unique in the business world in that 100% upfront payment is made. It is also a great service for potential candidates. You submit your documents and the company takes care of finding the right job. And here, too: no obligation without commitment. And free of charge to boot. "Unprecedented, actually," says Ecker, "but of course there are black sheep in our industry, but where not?" That will probably be true, but the hope remains that the image will also steadily improve as these facts become known and, similar to many other countries, personnel services will receive the appropriate recognition.

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